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Leggings are the perfect all day attire!!

Leggings are the perfect all day attire!!

Ladies if you don't have a few pairs of leggings you are missing out on style, fashion, comfort, and sexiness.

Most women only think of leggings for yoga or for the gym. But legging fashion has long past those restricted functional wear and leggings can be seen being worn from the boardroom to the clubhouse.

Sales of leggings are topping that of jean because leggings is a more versatile garment.

A legging of the appropriate material and style can serve you the entire day: The executive: throw on a light tailored jacket that falls below the butt and there you go for your 9 - 5 office job. Going to the mall or picking the kids, change the top to a light blouse and you are ready to go.

Later when you want to hit the gym change the blouse to a sports top and you are ready to work up a sweat.

Leggings take up very little space as a garment allowing you to fit a few pairs in your purse. They don't need ironing and less effort is required to find your perfect fit since they conform to your body type. And this is where you can bring sexy back by showing off your “curves and edges.”

There are quick-dry technology leggings that keep your body cool during the summer or while working out. While there are thermal leggings to keep you warm during the bitter cold.

Today you can get leggings to lift your butt and of different styles and patterns. They can either be moderate or over the top sexy and everything in between.

Whatever the occasion and desired effect, you will be able to find those leggings at

They have leggings from $6 & up. So if you have not tried leggings now is the time to do so.

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Written By Howard Russell

Howard is a fashion consultant and a freelance blogger